Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music Video Premiere!

At long last, my debut as a music video director! It's from "The Most Delicious Hours," by Shannon Stephens. Check it out:

I'd first heard of Shannon's music through a friend's blog, and immediately bought the album after listening for a few minutes.

I wondered, after several plays, how a video would look with one of her songs. I approached Asthmatic Kitty (her label) about the idea, and they were very supportive and enthusiastic about the project.

Shooting took place between four different half-days, spread throughout the spring season, in Seattle. Most of the footage is shot with the Panasonic GH1.

The cast includes Jesse James Pattison and Elena H., both very friendly, professional, and talented!

Crew members include:

Andy Tran (camera + transport)
Noel Marie Fessenden (makeup)
Michelle Mai Smith (makeup)
John Winkler (locations)

Shannon's album, The Breadwinner, can be found at Asthmatic Kitty. Also, her first album has just re-released.

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