Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Foot Chases & Film Modes

Andy and I recently visited Discovery Park to test some of our cameras' capabilities.

He was looking for relative motion on the HVX-200, inspired by the chase scenes in Apocalypto. I was the runner for his version of video. Here's the original movie clip (the current test is pending):

(Thankfully our version didn't involve weapons.)

I wanted to test between two film modes on my GH1:

There are a few subtle differences:

I've heard Smooth Mode can lessen contrast, soften broad areas, and maintain sharp details. This would offer more versatility for me, as an Editor, and push for a cinematic look. It would also ease the strain of high bitrate hacking.

In the end, the results were subtle and good. I'd be up for trying it again on another project.

As for work, I'm aboard a couple of new editing gigs and will try to stay busy. More clips from these projects to come, soon!

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